Hot tubs are hot commodities for rentals, homeowners in Summit County

Though separated in time, culture and continent, there was one thing that the ancient Egyptians, Japanese, Greeks and Romans all agreed upon — the value of hot tubs.

Of course, they weren’t called hot tubs back then, and they came in a variety of types, from natural hot springs to wooden tubs to manmade public gathering places, each serving its own purpose.

That popularity continues today, particularly here in the High Country, where days spent on the mountain turn into nights spent relaxing in steamy, hot water while the snow falls all around.


“I can’t think of one owner that says, ‘Oh, that was a waste of money, I never use it.’ I’ve never, ever heard that.”

You’d be hard pressed to find someone in Summit County who doesn’t have a hot tub that they frequent from time to time, whether it’s at their house or someone else’s. And for nearly anyone coming up for a holiday or a short stay, it’s practically a necessity. Read More