Buyer's Resource Newsletter- November 2014

Dear Reader,
Welcome Winter

The last time I was at this spot... about a week ago... I was on my mountain bike.

I've often thought that the perfect transition from fall to winter would be a balmy, dry Indian summer up until, oh, about the 1st week of November ...then the snow gods would just dump, and the ski season would get under way.

It happened this year. Last weekend we were enjoying one of the nicest, warmest, driest and fun-est falls in memory. Then it started snowing. There's been 2 feet plus last week and winter is under way, big time.

Here's to a big snow season!


October Home Inventory

October inventory is the lowest in 8 years. When the real estate bubble burst in Summit County (2008-2010) folks were less inclined to sell their real estate, as values went down, about 25% across the board. And, of course, little incentive to build/develop new inventory. The inventory count is still suffering because of those dynamics, even tho building permits for new development are on the rise.

And with so little inventory, expect prices to follow.

Free Skiing
Once again, Buyer's Resource / Eby Real Estate is proud to support the Summit Foundation by purchasing 2 Summit Foundation Patron Passes. The Summit Foundation is committed to "Building a lasting legacy of generosity by creating a community of donors, who through their wealth, wisdom and work, support organizations in Health & Human Service, Art & Culture, Education, Scholarships, Environment & sports". 

The cornerstone of the Summit Foundation's fundraising efforts is the Patron Pass Program, anchored by transferable season ski passes generously donated by A-Basin, Copper Mt, Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail & Beaver Creek.

The passes are available to Buyer's Resource clients and ambassadors on a first come, first served basis,  so try to schedule the Patron Pass Medallions in advance. When you pick up your medallions, we will ---conveniently---provide you with an envelope if you'd like to make a small contribution to the Summit Foundation. It's a great organization!


About Buyer's Resource / Eby Real Estate

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Back in 1987 Buyer's Resource Founder Chris Eby recognized the inherent conflict of interest in the traditional real estate model that promotes brokerages doing both sides of real estate transactions. Then, as now, the only solution to eliminating the deceptive, conflicted nature of the traditional real estate model is to pick one side of the transaction, and specialize on that. We've been working for Buyers, and only Buyers, ever since.

Colorado native Todd Sandoval joined the team in 1996. We are proud to say that we are beginning our 27th year of representing buyers--- exclusively.

Buyer's Resource is an Exclusive Buyer Agency. We never list properties and are committed to advocating for and protecting the interests of real estate buyer at all times.  

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