Real Estate Buyer's Agency

Simply, it is a contract between the Buyer and their Agent for the purpose of locating and purchasing a home or property. In any real estate transaction, there are two parties involved, the Seller and the Buyer. Traditional real estate agents work for the Seller. A Seller's Agent:

  •  Lists the property for sale.
  •  Is obligated to the Seller for the sale of the property.
  •  Protects the seller's interests.
  •  Owes fiduciary responsibility and loyalty to the Seller.
  •  Is Obligated to convince the Buyer to pay the highest possible price for the property.
  •  Gets paid more to sell their own listing and company listings first.

As Exclusive Buyer's Agents, we enter into a contractual agreement with you, the Buyer, and are committed to: 

  • 100% loyalty and dedication to the Buyer.
  • Negotiating the best possible terms. 
Remember, if you have not contracted with an Exclusive Buyer's Agent, then there is only one contract in existence -- that is, the listing agreement between the Seller and the Seller's Agent. And guess who is operating at a severe disadvantage -- you, the Buyer.

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