Our Brokerage

How our Brokerage works

  •  We only represent Real Estate Buyers

  •  We never represent Real Estate Sellers

  •  We never list properties

  •  We spend 100% of our time helping and protecting Buyers

  •  Our job is to find you the best property, based on your needs and your budget

  •  We can represent you on any property, listed or unlisted, anywhere in Summit County

  •  We can represent you on any property you see advertised in any real estate magazine newspaper, TV ad, "For Sale" sign, display rack or real estate office window in  Summit County

  •  Our job is to help you negotiate the lowest price and best deal for your home purchase

  •  We inform you of negative aspects of each property, as well as positive

  •  Buyers are our only business

  •  There are no additional costs for our services